It can be challenging to get over a crush, even when we realise it won’t work out and we really, really just want to get over it, but the crush can still continue to drag on and on for months or years.

We can bring our resistance to letting go out into the open! When we say to ourselves that we can get over it – we can walk away, we can let go, move on and put it in the past – when we say this, our resistance arise!

Imagine a tight first, and inside it is a ball of really sticky bubble gum. When we try to open that fist – tight bubble gum strings hold our fingers back from opening up. This is what our resistance is doing to our emotional world.

Luckily we can dissolve resistance. When we observe the resistance, thoughts and emotions dispassionately - without reacting to them. When saying, again - we want to stop resisting. The remaining resistance arise again. Again we observe it without reacting – we can feel relief, as it keeps dissolving more and more, until we do not resist it any more. Once dissolved it is gone completely and forever.

Anything else that brings the resistance into awareness – is an opportunity to observe and dissolve. Any troubling delusions or fears or any unwelcome pattern that were once supported by the resistance will vanish alongside the resistance.

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