Intentions come from inside. While setting our intentions, we are present. It connects us with a chosen direction. It inspires us to continue. It creates the conditions for things to happen or change. Intentions are rooted in reality. By setting an intention, we have already accomplished what we set out to do - we cannot fail. Intentions are supple. Intention is the seed of what we desire and therefor already posses. Our intentions guide and carry us.


Examples of intentions

• We are prepared to let go and see what happens.
• We invite curiosity and a sense of experimentation. 
• We are open and stay present with the experience.
• We are practicing awareness, kindness and compassion.
• We learn, listen, reflect and engage as best we can.

Exercise 1: 2 hours: Give attention to existing intentions. Before speaking or acting there is an intention. Slow down to notice and evaluate intentions. What desires and aversions are fuelling our intentions? Do our current intentions connect us with our chosen direction?

Exercise 2: Set helpful intentions as mindfulness practice that would connect us to a chosen direction. Ideas for subject matter: well-being, strengths, engagement, purpose, relationships, self-knowledge, new perspective, curiosity, openness, acceptance, compassion, kindness, judgement. State intentions in the positive.

Exercise 3: 2 hours: Slow down to notice how the intentions that were set in the previous exercise influence us - before speaking or acting. Make a list of new intentions to set that would connect us with a chosen direction.

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