Feelings of being rushed, pushed, pressurised, trapped and/or defensive are the products of stored patterns of reactivity. The choice we make to rush - however many times a day - is stored within pattern recognition for triggers and many external influences can trigger these patterns leading us to feel rushed.

The triggered reactions can be very overwhelming, are often destructive and may become an obstacle to achieving some or other desired outcome. We need to consider whether we want to keep wasting precious resources due to these unhelpful patterns.

Some of the thought patterns may include:

- worrying about having too much to do
- worrying about how we are perceived
- worry about the next tasks that have to be done
- worrying about being late or making someone wait
- worrying about important upcoming events and deadlines
- worrying about other people’s problems and emergencies

We can make the effort to dissolve our patterns of feeling rushed. Once these patterns are dissolved, no external influencers have the power to ‘make’ us feel rushed. We can make so much more of our lives, instead of just getting by or feeling unfulfilled because we are constantly getting overwhelmed and tripping up. Our lives can be simpler and more manageable, we can feel more joyful, relaxed and empowered - to succeed with present and future endeavours.

Some practical ideas.

It would be very useful to try to make more accurate estimations of time required for

- honouring commitments and reasonable expectations
- meeting deadlines and time restraints
- completing tasks at required standard
- enjoying meals and personal time
- getting from point a to b
- taking appointments
- getting ready

Dissolving the patterns

Through mindfulness we are developing awareness of our moment to moment experiences. Try to notice the instant when you begin to feel rushed.

- Notice reactivity that arise
- Embrace any physical sensations
- Notice any thoughts and label them

Ideas for labels: unactionable | rush bait | other people’s problems | worry habit | park that | not my problem | bleh | trust – it will be ok | unhelpful | wasteful | C'est la vie | won’t get there any faster


- Pursue your passion and stay in the present
- Be selective - make desirable commitments
- Focus most on the things you can do/control
- Focus on a single task at hand with full attention
- Trust that you can handle the uncertainties
- Do tasks one by one and trust that it will be ok
- Label things that you cannot do anything about
- Keep simplifying: financial and maintenance commitments
- Focus on strengthening new, useful patterns
- Figure out the steps to achieve desired outcomes
- Consciously seek out fulfilling experiences

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