Adapted from Brian Johnson's newsletter

There is an equation that can help us reduce our suffering.

Suffering = (difficult emotion) x Resistance.

Difficult emotions are inevitable. By resisting any difficult emotions, we thereby increase our level of suffering. Therefor - to suffer is optional. The key to reducing suffering is to reduce our resistance to painful or difficult emotions.

We need to embrace our difficult emotions - whenever we notice them. Embracing difficult emotions eliminates the resistance, and by eliminating resistance, we eliminate unnecessary suffering and we are in a much better place for taking action and being creative.

How can we become more aware of the difficult emotions that are present in us? How can we stop reacting to them? How can we embrace them a little more today?

When we pay attention to the difficult emotions, and label any accompanying negative thoughts - without reacting to them... we can get creative - to work on solutions for making the situation a little bit better.

Remember: Reduce Resistance to Pain (instead embrace pain) and this will reduce Suffering.

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