Why do we need more room inside?

As we grow up, every so often we get too big for our shoes and clothes. We know it is time for a bigger size, when we put something on and it doesn’t feel comfortable, or it down right hurts us.

On the emotional front, we can also become very 
uncomfortable when the moment-to-moment experiences of the world are too big for our inner space to convey. We can be overwhelmed. Over time the discomfort becomes familiar that it becomes comforting or safe or we even see it as part of our identity. But - this state of being does not serve our best interests.

Luckily, over time we can obtain as much inner space as we need, by doing as little as 1.5 minutes of work per day. This can be some of the most rewarding work of all. Just like getting new clothes that fit well, when we expand our inner space, our emotions fit well.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have a much bigger inner space? Double the size that it is now? Triple the size? What about as big as the sky that holds all things?

To be continued...

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